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Target Your Audience With Google Adwords & Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), commonly referred to as Google Adwords or simply Google Ads, is one of the most effective marketing tools out there. However, even If you’re on a budget it is a safe and smart bet to invest in paid digital advertising such as this. So, what does it do? SEM utilizes the power of search engines to reach any potential consumers right when they need you. Hence, when using SEM, you are bidding on keywords. Therefore, you have the opportunity to appear in your target audience’s search query at the exact moment they are ready and able to make their purchase. In conjunction, SEM uses various forms of digital media to help you assert your presence at the top. With this purpose in mind, FOGO Solutions helps you decide the best strategy whether it be pay-per-click to cost-per-click. Be at the forefront of your industry!


Paid advertising like Google Adwords, is a major component for your business’s success.

In fact, not only are you targeting your audience with an effective and tactical advertising campaign but you will see an immediate return on investment (ROI). Similarly, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising like Google Adwords gives people the ability to find your business as they are perusing the internet on any electronic device.

With the use of Google Adwords and FOGO Solutions’ managerial skills you can’t go wrong, In fact, you’ll see assessable results while targeting your most profitable consumer groups. Truly, Google Ads is a fast approach to helping your business’s online presence take off to new levels. The biggest win with Google Ads is the massive outreach they have. Generally, Google is everyone’s first approach to finding anything and everything they want or need.

When using Google Adwords, you’ll be able to maintain full control of your campaign.

In short, you’ll be able to turn on and off your campaign, as needed. Likewise, you are able to focus on multiple keywords at one time and attain immediate visibility by asserting your position at the top of the search page. This is your answer to being the solution people are looking for! Our Google Certified team can develop the most effective marketing strategy for your company without emptying your pockets. Do you want local attention or want to increase your sales nationally? Let’s dominate your adversaries and seize as many opportunities as possible together.

Bing Adwords is one of the most popular types of paid search engines today. Using Bing Adwords, you are running ads not only on the Bing network but Yahoo and AOL as well. Therefore, just as you would with SEM, you are bidding on keywords that you think are popular with Bing users. So, once you’re in the game, Bing will compare your bids and the quality of your ads against your competitors. Then, they assess which order they appear on the search engine results page (SERP). The benefits of using these ads are the unique audience and the high number of users they have at a reasonable cost.

Already using Adwords but not seeing the results you hoped for? Let our team of professionals take a look today!

Grant CaudillGrant Caudill
15:06 07 Mar 24
My organization has had a wonderful experience working with FOGO. The services were exactly as expected and customer service/success was very prompt whenever I needed anything. I highly recommend FOGO Solutions for any data and IT services.
Brett ButlerBrett Butler
15:43 26 Jan 24
We have had very few issues with our email servers and data storage. When something has come up, FOGO has been quick to answer as well as professional and knowledgeable in providing a solution.
Ben LambertBen Lambert
20:04 15 Dec 23
FOGO Solutions has been our go-to for all things IT related, and we would definitely recommend them to any and all of our business clients. Thank you for what you do!
Brian LittleBrian Little
20:49 31 Oct 23
The team at FOGO is always quick to solve any problem that we may need help with. Their staff is friendly and always professional. They have given our company the edge we need to compete in our market. The are highly recommended!
Shawn C. ZShawn C. Z
23:20 19 Oct 23
Extremely pleasant employees
Tre BattleTre Battle
17:00 11 Sep 23
FOGO has been an asset to our company for years and I have personally appreciated their responsiveness and genuine care for their clients.
Jennifer HoneycuttJennifer Honeycutt
19:55 30 Aug 23
FOGO was exactly what we needed for our small business! They provide an affordable, secure off site server with an incredible IT team to install and upgrade software as well as help us trouble shoot when we have issues! The migration was seamless and the recommendations were on target!
Kevin PhillipsKevin Phillips
19:33 30 Aug 23
My company really enjoyed the Cyber Security class.
Brett MatthewsBrett Matthews
15:08 30 Aug 23
Our agency has been using FOGO for social media services and have been very impressed. We have seen an ROI as customers call in from the advertisements they see on Facebook, etc. Camry and the team was a pleasure to work with on install.
Nelia LovvornNelia Lovvorn
16:01 28 Aug 23
Fogo solutions has been an incredible resource to our team. Their secure approach to websites and web hosting is a game changer. Best marketing agency in west Georgia.
Grant BelbackGrant Belback
20:42 25 Aug 23
We’ve been using FOGO’s IT service at our properties for over a year now and they are truly genuine people to do business with. They continue to exemplify quality customer service and our company has received great value from using them because they act quick and offer high-quality products and services. They also created an attractive website for a few sites! Highly recommend!
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