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FOGO anywhere allows users to easily access all of their line of business applications on a multitude of devices. We deliver high-performance desktops and applications accessible from any device with an internet connection.

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FOGO Virtual Office

FOGO has designed an affordable, turnkey solution that can easily transition on-premise IT infrastructure into a cloud-based solution offering unparalleled security and performance. Our scalable solutions allow you and your staff to work from anywhere at any time using the mobile device of your choice. The Virtual Office solution delivers Virtual Desktops, vServers and Cloud Storage from one of our Data Centers. Our Virtual Office Starter Bundle includes:

FOGO Virtual Desktops with Microsoft Windows & Office Standard

File and application server running Microsoft Server Standard

FOGO Hosted Exchange Mailboxes with spam filtering and encryption services

Antivirus and Web Filtering

Managed firewall service

24/7 infrastructure monitoring of performance and availability

FOGO vDesktop

Our virtual desktop is a full featured and mobile experience made possible by moving all processing, memory and storage from the local desktop to a centralized infrastructure hosted in our data center. Users are provided with a functional desktop that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Users can pick up exactly where they left off without having to reopen applications or files.

Reduce complexity

Lower cost of desktops & support

Increased productivity

Access to the latest technology

Enhanced security in the cloud

FOGO vApplication

FOGO’s vApplication is ideal in instances where an organization does not need a full virtual desktop solution, but would like the flexibility of having access to individual line of business applications in a hosted environment. Our vApplication provides your business with the tools you need to be mobile and productive.

More cost effective than a full vOffice solution

Ideal for the mobile workforce

Most efficient method to deliver a single application across your organization

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