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Cloud and Hosting services with FOGO Solutions make secure modern business possible anywhere at any time. Our Virtual Office and Cloud Computing allow you to access your desktop, data, and other essential business applications and information without location restrictions. To store your data, we offer high-security, advanced colocation solutions in Carrollton, GA, and New Orleans, LA. Alongside our other technology storage and safety services, we offer Backup Disaster and Recovery solutions in case of natural or man-made events. With FOGO Solutions, you can rest assured that your most crucial information and technological assets are accessible and protected.


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Virtual Office

FOGO Solutions’ Virtual Office allows you to take your business’s data anywhere and access it at any time. From desktop, laptop, or mobile device, your applications are available in and out of the office.

Cloud Computing

FOGO Solutions’ Cloud Computing services store your important data and information on a network of remote servers. Cloud storage offers resilience and an easy opportunity for expansion!

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Colocation Solutions

Colocation with FOGO Solutions offers high security, climate-controlled data center storage options. If your facilities cannot properly house your critical assets, then colocation is for you.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, are inevitable. With Local, Cloud, and Hybrid options, FOGO Solutions offers flexible plans to protect your most critical data and applications.

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