Unveiling Tech Trends Shaping 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. In 2024, the realm of Information Technology is set to undergo remarkable transformations. From cutting-edge innovations to refined applications, the upcoming year promises a tech-driven journey that will shape the way we live, work, and connect. Let’s delve into some exciting tech trends that are poised to dominate the IT scene in 2024.

Merging IT and Security Teams

In 2024, there will be an emergence of new threats that blur the boundaries between IT and security responsibilities. Traditionally confined to separate realms, these teams are experiencing a growing overlap in their objectives and daily functions. This shift is not only a result of the rapid progress of technology but also a response to the evolving landscape of security risks directly impacting IT infrastructure.

The convergence of these teams is particularly timely and essential because contemporary threats now target both infrastructure and security simultaneously, creating the need for a unified response. Through fostering closer collaboration and sharing technologies and platforms, once distinct teams can pool their expertise to fortify defenses against sophisticated cyber threats.

FOGO Solutions’ team can handle your IT and cybersecurity needs.  As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we have immediate expertise, ongoing threat detection, and response to prevent harm to your business and its data. This can provide you with improved efficiency, lower costs, and support, especially during critical times. Our goal is to empower organizations to respond swiftly to threats, leverage advanced cybersecurity technology, and maintain detailed audit trails.

With Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) we offer 24/7 threat detection and response. SIEM takes security to a higher level by collecting activity logs from every device on your network, even third-party applications such as Microsoft 365 and Duo. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) investigates alerts and escalates actual incidents in real time to eliminate threats.

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Business Outcomes Take Center Stage in IT Spending

In the face of a changing economic and competitive landscape, experts predict that businesses will be concentrating on getting more value from their IT spending in a couple of ways. Businesses will want more flexibility in their operations, where their investments can grow based on the value they bring. They’ll seek more predictability in their cash flows, implementing technology in a way that allows for this.

Businesses will also focus on making sure that IT deployment directly supports or drives their business outcomes. More customers will adopt IT based on the outcomes they want to achieve, whether it’s boosting revenue, cutting costs, enhancing customer experience, promoting sustainability, acquiring customers, or other similar metrics.

As a result, spending on old-fashioned IT infrastructure will shift towards investing in next-generation technology, growing rapidly in the next five to ten years as customers update or overhaul their entire IT setup. This involves moving from outdated IT systems to hybrid cloud, embracing more virtualized and interconnected IT environments, and moving away from traditional software licenses in favor of highly personalized tech on demand.

Cloud and Hosting services with FOGO Solutions make secure modern business possible anywhere at any time. Our Virtual Office and Cloud Computing allow you to access your desktop, data, and other essential business applications and information without location restrictions. To store your data, we offer high-security, advanced colocation solutions in Carrollton, GA, and New Orleans, LA. Alongside our other technology storage and safety services, we offer Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions in case of natural or man-made events. With FOGO Solutions, you can rest assured that your most crucial information and technological assets are accessible and protected.

Social Engineering Attacks

As we step into 2024, the rise of social engineering attacks is a growing concern in the digital realm. These attacks, where trickery and manipulation target individuals, are becoming the go-to weapon for cyber threats. Imagine a digital con artist using clever tactics to trick people into revealing sensitive information or unknowingly compromising security.

What makes social engineering so potent is its reliance on human vulnerabilities rather than complicated technical tricks. Threat actors use methods like phishing and impersonation to exploit our trust. In the upcoming year, these deceptive tactics are expected to continue as the primary weapon of choice for cybercriminals. With more personal information available online, the success of social engineering attacks is on the rise. To stay safe in the digital world, it’s crucial to be aware, educated, and take proactive steps to protect against the persistent threat of social engineering attacks. FOGO Solutions offers cybersecurity training for employees as well as cybersecurity services for your business to stay safe.

Companies Prioritize Establishing Safeguards to Minimize AI Risks
According to experts, companies using AI will become more aware of the risks and fundamental nature of AI. More businesses are expected to take specific actions to reduce these risks.

New methods like Retrieval Augmented Generation can assist Language Models in generating results from reliable sources. Other techniques, such as ensuring the quality and accuracy of training data and involving a human in the process of making decisions in sensitive situations, help balance the enhanced intelligence provided by Generative AI.

We’re likely to see more rules and tools to manage AI-generated content. This includes testing and checking the content with oversight across the whole system. Making a clear AI policy that explains what’s right, responsible, and inclusive will help guide how we use AI. When we teach teams the skills they need in this area, along with the policy, it will be the starting point for businesses using AI in a practical way.


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