Fogo Partner Community Debuts at HIMSS17 Conference

Fogo Advances Interoperability with Secure Data Exchange Between Partner Solutions Across the Healthcare Systems

Support of value-based care models requires collaboration across all facets of the healthcare IT industry. To simplify the secure exchange of data across industry solutions, Fogo Data Centers announces the launch of the Fogo Partner Community™.

At Fogo, we believe in the power of community. A healthy community is one in which all systems work well, work together, and work together well. In healthcare, this interconnectivity is an inextricable mixture of hardware, software, data and services, with complex dynamics that must “reach across” the four walls of physical facilities to collect and share patient information, monitor chronic disease, streamline communication channels, and improve organizational efficiency. Effective interoperability, a crucial building block to change the face of future health, requires transparent and accountable partnerships.

Fogo’s premier data centers provide all the benefits of traditional data centers, including redundant power, cooling, and high-speed internet connectivity with 24/7 monitoring to optimize cost and mitigate risk for healthcare IT vendors and healthcare organizations. Fogo’s highly experienced team facilitates secure migration and interoperability of sensitive patient data held within electronic health record systems and transferred amongst a variety of health IT systems.

“Through Fogo Partner Community we foster and maintain healthy relationships in Healthcare and Health IT for secure data exchange, increasing the speed of interoperability and unlocking the value of collaboration,” said William G. Esslinger, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Fogo Data Centers. “This combination of systems, services and facilities working together is exactly what is required for Healthcare IT to take a huge step towards solving our fragmented healthcare system. We are extremely pleased with our initial partners in the community and look forward to seeing the community continue to grow.”

MI7’s universal API, called “Q” – provides a direct connection to patient information in clinical data systems. “Q” is unique in its simplicity of implementation, affordability, and technology model that magically converts HL7 to JSON, freeing app developers from the need of a data integration engine or highly-trained and expensive HL7 staff. “The combination of MI7’s service offering and Fogo’s secure cloud computing environment, place interoperability front and center, a first in Healthcare IT and I believe a huge step towards solving our broken healthcare system,” said Zac Jiwa, Chief Executive Officer of MI7.

Green Circle Health is the provider of the GCH Platform which allows employees and their families to store and share medical records, manage health and wellbeing and lower health care costs. “With Green Circle Health’s focus on helping millions of families improve health and wellbeing through their employers, we are pleased to join Fogo Data Center’s partner community and work towards further innovation within the health care industry,” said Dinesh Sheth, CEO and founder of Green Circle Health.

Other founding partners in the community, in addition to Green Circle Health and MI7, include Across Healthcare, CCM Navigator, Cloud9, Cloudbreak Health, Encoda, iScribe, Looped-In, Provider Flow, The Bienville Group, and VL7. The community can be found at

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