Be Aware of Increasing Phishing Attempts

As your email hosting provider, we urge you to be aware of the security standards we practice. Phishing attempts are increasing and becoming the preferred method of cyberattack among hackers. As the number one threat to your network, data, and personal information, we don’t want you to fall victim of a phishing attack. With that in mind, please know the following:

  • We will never send an email requesting any credentials.
  • We will never send an email requesting password changes.
  • We will never send an alert that your computer has been compromised and you need to call a number that’s been provided.
  • We will never send an alert that you have run out of space.

If you do receive correspondence such as this, reach out to us immediately. Also, forward the email to so that we can block the sender and mitigate false emails. Then, delete the email. Do not reply or communicate with the sender via email.

Additionally, if you receive similar correspondence from a company that you do business with, be it a service provider, a financial institution, or a retail outlet, treat them all with equal skepticism.

  • First, examine the sender’s email address – float the mouse cursor over the email hyperlink and check the information that appears for anything that doesn’t seem right.
  • Second, do not click on any links in the correspondence. Instead, independently investigate the request. For example, if you receive an email that appears to be from Apple instructing you to update your password, close your email and go straight to the site to take any action – DO NOT UPDATE A PASSWORD USING A PROVIDED LINK.
  • Third, never open attached files you weren’t expecting. This is a sure-fire way to download malware onto your computer and potentially your entire network.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you feel uneasy about an email. We would much rather have our clients double-checking via a phone call, a text, or forwarding the email to us than making a costly mistake.

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Shaun Hogg

Shaun is responsible for the overall technology vision and technology operations for FOGO Data Centers. He leads the company’s efforts to help clients seamlessly transition to a hosted environment as he addresses compliance, governance, and operational risk issues the clients may face. Linked In
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