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Network Security

Securing physical networks, evaluating infrastructure and exposure to vulnerability, uncovering inefficiencies, and working with them to design a network architecture that is efficient, fast, secure, and meets business needs at an affordable cost.

Network Security Support and Monitoring

A well-designed and secure network is essential for today’s business. FOGO protects your business infrastructure and data by being proactive with network security, offering multi-layered solutions designed for your specific business needs.

Businesses operate online and digitally and need multiple layers of security. This isn’t something to neglect. There isn’t a single tool that can accomplish complete security. FOGO employs many technologies and processes to provide complete risk and security management.

Benefits of our Network Security Service:

Added stability and security of your data and your business

Increased Network Performance

Less Stress for you…the business owner or manager

Enforce safe and productive use of company technology

Common Layers of Network Security:

Employee Training – Prevents human error

Proactive Remote Monitoring and Management – Keeps systems patched, secure, and up to date

Anti-Malware – Stops malicious software’s attacks generated by malicious links and infected online ads

Comprehensive real-time network protection

Spam Filtering – Detect and prevent email-based attacks before they occur

Password Security – Assures accounts and passwords are not compromised

Next Generation Firewall Management – Identify and stop threats with powerful intrusion prevention, antivirus, and web filtering

FOGO can help your business with the variety of required security needs such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley, PCI and HIPAA compliance.

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