Jamie Ziglar

Jamie joined FOGO Data Centers in 2020 as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and is responsible for national sales, marketing, advertising, and business development for the organization. He is also responsible for identifying new markets for expansion.

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FOGO Solutions Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies

By Jamie Ziglar | September 15, 2022

Carrollton, GA, September 2022 — FOGO Solutions is thrilled to announce that we have been recognized on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States. The list represents an exclusive look into the nation’s most successful private businesses and plays an important role in the measuring of entrepreneurial achievements. “We […]

social media business

How can being active on social media help my business?

By Jamie Ziglar | February 2, 2022

How can being active on social media help my business? Did you know there are now over 4 billion active social media users around the world? That in and of itself is a reason to make sure your business is active on social media. However, there are several more reasons and benefits to being on […]

A local SEO book.

Why is blogging important for local SEO?

By Jamie Ziglar | December 7, 2021

Why is blogging important for local SEO? Time and time again blogging proves to be an effective way to boost your SEO and local SEO rankings, which, in turn, increase your leads and sales. Before we dive into the importance of blogging for local SEO, let’s have a refresher on what SEO is, specifically local […]

Get Online Reviews

How Do I Get More Reviews Online?

By Jamie Ziglar | October 26, 2021

How do I get more reviews online? This is the question everyone wants to know. It is no secret that online reviews for your business play an important role in your company’s growth. Consumers today have countless ways of researching a business at their fingertips. Whether it be their laptop or smartphone, or researching on […]

automating business processes

Automating Business Processes – How Can You Be Better?

By Jamie Ziglar | January 7, 2021

If last year taught us anything, it was that small to medium businesses must adapt to the times if they want to stay open. Social distancing and crowd restrictions drove all of us to find ways to work with our clientele without meeting with them face-to-face. Online business transactions, telecommuting, and third-party suppliers became the […]

are your apps dangerous

Are Your Apps Dangerous?

By Jamie Ziglar | December 21, 2020

Apps make the modern technology world go ‘round and if it weren’t for them, smartphones and other mobile devices wouldn’t be nearly as useful. Of course, like any other technology, there are many security factors to consider before using an app. You should ask yourself, could this be dangerous? This is especially true if you’re […]

mobile vs virtual business

Mobile vs Virtual Office – What’s the Difference?

By Jamie Ziglar | December 10, 2020

Being mobile has never been easier. Technology makes it so you literally have your entire office in your pocket these days. The idea of being virtual and mobile might seem like the same thing, but these ideas are a little different. This week, we’re looking at mobile vs. virtual offices and the advantages they bring. […]

are your cookies safe

Are Your Cookies Safe?

By Jamie Ziglar | December 4, 2020

The holiday season is upon us and we have many things to look forward to even if this year will be a little bit different than others. This time of year the things that come to mind include family, holiday festivities, and of course cookies! As a Managed Service Provider, people often ask us, “Are […]

upgrading servers

Upgrading Servers Can Save You Money

By Jamie Ziglar | November 19, 2020

Unless you’re running a one-man operation, there’s a high possibility that your entire business runs on at least one server. If you’ve been thinking about replacing or upgrading servers or wondering how you can improve your network performance, overall, you’ll want to continue reading. We all know that computers and other devices have to be […]

Prepare for 2021

By Jamie Ziglar | November 9, 2020

We think we’re safe when we say that 2020 has been…less than ideal. After the first quarter, we quickly found ourselves — both professionally and personally — in uncharted waters. But, 2021 is just around the corner and we want to be optimistically prepared. The continuation of this month’s series of section 179 tax deductions […]

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