Cybersecurity for Business

What cybersecurity services can FOGO Solutions offer my business?

Employee Training

The human firewall is often the most important defense you have against a security breach. Employees should be educated on security measures and proactive in maintaining your business’s safety.

Email Filtering

FOGO Solutions’ email and cybersecurity services make sure that potential spam and threatening emails do not affect your technology. We can customize your firewalls and filters to work together for your safety!

Internet Filtering

Your network should not have access to malicious sites. Filtering ensures that your employees and users do not visit websites that could compromise your entire network.


Firewalls are the front gate of your security. Nothing gets in that is not approved; therefore, your data and applications are safe from potential threats.

A businesswoman giving a presentation on cybersecurity in a classroom.

Network Access Control

Your network should only allow connections from authorized devices. Access should be limited for businesses, especially for guest wireless users!

Network Security Monitoring

Know when suspicious activity occurs in your network. Monitoring your traffic is much like a security system notifying you when a burglar enters your home!

Operating System Security Patches

Operating systems are updated consistently to avoid weaknesses. If these systems are not fully updated on time, your business could be at risk of cyberattacks.

Antivirus and Malware Software

Antivirus/antimalware software is constantly updated as new viruses are created. If you are not using the latest version, your software might miss a threat and not be able to protect your systems.

Application Security Patches

As with Operating System Patched, your applications are updated to avoid being compromised. If your applications are not up-to-date, you could be at risk.

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