is your contact page costing you conversions

Is your Contact Us page costing you conversions?

Website design is a rapidly growing field, but by no means is it a recent development. As more and more business is conducted online, however, it is essential that web users can easily locate your contact information. To successfully attract new customers, they must be able to find your NAP (name, address, phone number) and to receive answers to any questions they might have. Providing all of this information in an accessible way is key for generating leads and converting browsers into customers.

An effective point of contact | A Contact Us Page that works

Whether your visitor already had an interest in your services, or you had to carefully cultivate one in them, they’re going to need the means to reach out to you. For many websites, this will mean just a standard contact page, filled with the same routine fields and the same generic text.

And that’s where they lose out.

A low effort contact page severely handicaps your ability to generate leads, because it’s the only place you organically generate leads on your website. Think of the rest of your site as a sort of road that leads to the door that is your contact page. When you’ve invested so heavily in ensuring the journey up to the door is pleasant, why wouldn’t you want the door itself to encourage knocking, and for each knock to be worthwhile for your business as well as your potential customer?

Instead of phoning in your contact page, stick to these tips to maximize both the volume and the usefulness of your leads through a custom contact page.

Ask for the right details

You want to extract every useful detail you can out of the people who want to contact you. The key word here isn’t ‘useful’, its ‘can’; you don’t want to ask for so many details that filling out your contact form becomes a monumental task. At the same time, you also don’t want your contact form to be so minimal that your first response to it is an automated email asking for more details. A good goal is to get just enough details to initiate a personalized dialogue and then to follow up from there.

Make sure you have form validation enabled

You don’t want your customer to fill out critical details wrongly, or for typos in their phone numbers to make it impossible for you to get back to them. This is why you want error detection and form field tracking enabled in your form, so that you can help your visitors through the process of filling out their details, thereby ensuring all of those details are accurate.

Make sure all your information is there, and that its accessible from everywhere

It’s common for businesses to have multiple digital faces these days, including a website, social media pages, phone numbers, emails and addresses. You’ll want to list all of these neatly on your contact page, while also ensuring that the contact page is accessible from anywhere on your site. This will more or less guarantee that an interested person can find critical information as soon as they feel a need for it. Having multiple means of contact lets them pick a medium they’re most comfortable with, thereby increasing the likelihood that they’ll do it in the first place. Giving people an array of options means more chances that you will receive their business!

Use rich media and make it interactive

Don’t just list your details in the form of a bulleted list! Make things as clickable as possible so that the process of communicating with you is *that* much simpler. Make sure every phone number has a corresponding click-to-call button and that your physical address is accompanied by a map embed showing the location, or at least a link to it. Maybe even add a picture of your locations or storefronts!

You’d be surprised by the impact a good contact page can have on both the quality and the quantity of leads you generate. Remember: a customer who can’t reach you will find someone else! Every visitor counts.

Whether you are seeking a simple website update or a full redesign, our team works closely alongside you to create an SEO optimized, easy-to-use and mobile friendly website! Contact us today!

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